Killerpilze Balkan

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Killerpilze Balkan

All people that like Killerpilze and are coming from Balkan are welcome here!! -sponsored by: Croatian Killerpilze Fanclub

    Basic rules


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    Basic rules Empty Basic rules

    Post  Ivana Mon Feb 23, 2009 7:54 pm

    1.There will be no insolting between members,guys from different countrys or fanclubs!

    2.You can use words like "whore","bitch","gay" (...) but only if you want to be banned from this forum for life!

    3.Talking on your mothertongue is allowed only in thread Chat!

    4.You may open new topics if you want to but they mustn't break these rules and field Description must be filled!

    5.Do not post pictures that are not your property!

    6.Please be aware that in case that you open a new topic in forum Other Singers/Bands you have to post band/singer's biography!

    7.Do not think you can insolt other bands and singers just because this forum is about Killerpilze!

    8.Fields "Name","Location" and "Birthday" in your profile are required! ::
    a) Field "Name" is viewable only to admins and members or it might be set not to be viewable to anyone!You don't have to give out your surname,just your first name!
    b) Field "Birthday" can be filled out only with day and month,year isn't requiered!
    c) Field "Location" - please enter only the name of your country!

    9.Do not spam!You can do that in thread called Spam Thread and nowhere else!

    (These are the basic rules that have to be respected by every member or admin of this forum..)

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